BT Aerials photography and videos for Vacation Homes
Vacation Rentals photography is all about setting a mood, telling a story and selling the experience the guests will enjoy. More attention is put into showing smaller more intimate scenes and details that will show the viewer what kind of an experience they will have when renting that location. Much more staging and preparation goes into each shot than real estate photography.

  • Show-off your vacation home with aerial photography and video.
  • Drone footage allows you to show potential vacationers the complete overview of the property and surrounding area.
  • Win more reservations through high-quality photography, video and aerial drone photography.
  • Guests will see themselves staying in your vacation home
  • Eliminate guest issues with bright and detailed photos and videos that make every area of your vacation home shine.
  • Aerial videos will highlight the short drive to grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, and nearby establishments.
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